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Dr Amar R Joshi

Dr Amar R Joshi

Personal Statement:

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Intensive Care Medicine Anaesthesia for upper and lower limb surgery including regional anaesthesia, Anaesthesia for back surgery, Anaesthesia for Laparoscopic Surgery, including Bariatric Surgery, Dental anaesthesia, Paediatric anaesthesia.

Dr Amar R Joshi is a Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia at Rotherham General Hospital. He qualified from Liverpool University in 1996. His specialist training in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia was carried out in the North Trent Region from 1998-2006. Since being a consultant he has worked to set up the Enhanced Recovery Programme for Laparoscopic bowel resections at Rotherham Hospital to help improve recovery and outcomes from major bowel resections. He has worked providing Anaesthesia for most surgical specialities especially Orthopaedics, including performing epidural, spinal and peripheral nerve blocks for post-operative pain relief. Dr Joshi has worked at Claremont and Thornbury hospitals providing anaesthesia for a wide range of surgical specialities since 2007


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